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Do you require quality clutch repair service? If you are having problems with your clutch system, you should have it checked out by qualified experts. Did you know when it comes right down to it, a standard transmission has what is called a dry clutch? When it wears out, it begins to slip causing shifting issues — this is known as clutch slipping. At Burnaby Transmission our staff knows all about Clutches and provides honest and reliable auto repair service.

Burnaby Transmission offers accurate solutions for: Cars, trucks, and SUV’s for all makes and models including domestic and imports. We are a clutch repair shop that offers full service for your automobile.

If you’re searching for a clutch repair shop or you feel that your clutch is slipping, contact Burnaby Transmission. Our courteous experts will be happy to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Contact Burnaby Transmission today.

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