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Having your transmission working smoothly is incredibly important when you’re out on the road. A transmission that is blown stops running and strands you on the side of the road awaiting the tow truck. Just having your car break down is bad enough, it’s worse if you’ve made plans that now cannot happen because you cannot make it there. At Burnaby Transmission, we perform transmission repairs to ensure that your car is always able to drive where you need it, when you need it.

The transmission is the most important part of your car. Without it, the power from your engine could never reach the wheels of your car, and it would not move. To do this, it uses a series of gear to provide speed and torque conversions from your engine to your wheels. Due to the amount of moving parts, sometimes it can be hard to tell exactly what the problem is by yourself. By taking your car into our shop, our skilled mechanics can tell you exactly what the problem is and fix it on the spot.

Keeping your transmission maintained helps you stay on the road when you need it. Instead of waiting for problems to occur, by taking a proactive approach to the maintenance of your car, you can ensure that you’ll never have problems. If you experience any of these signs while driving, it could be a sign that your transmission is failing:

  • Gears changing suddenly without you changing speed
  • Trouble changing gears
  • Delayed engagement when driving
  • Leaking fluids when your car is parked

Take the time to make sure that your car is in optimal condition. Stop by at Burnaby Transmission for a transmission repair and tuneup, and we’ll help make sure that your car runs like the well-oiled machine it can be.